Saturday, January 31, 2004

Well, by now I was hoping to have had some pictures of stuff I've made loaded on to the web, and some pictures of beginning the spinning for the rogue project, but I've been distracted by life. And dyeing ten skeins of noro cash iroha. And finishing [oh the eternal finishing] the Dolman Updated sweater from Interweave Knits winter2003 issue.
Anyway, semi-yarn related--pictures of my kids playing with a ball of mohair yarn.
This picture is of Libélula as a wee puppy, only about ten weeks old. This was yarn I was using to make her her first dog sweater, but she grew way faster than I can knit, and I have the completed back panel laying by the computer. With a little bit of modification, I guess it could be the chest panel...

And this picture was taken about a year later, of the two of them playing tug of war with the yarn. She must have pulled it off the bookshelf, and I couldn't be mad because they are just so cute, and it really is her mohair anyway. If she doesn't want a sweater...
And, they were surprisingly gentle with it. I was able to re-roll it, and all I had to do was pick out some carpet lint and dog food bits. ;p Maybe they were just using it to floss.

Plus, they don't do it very often, and it is funny to come home and see that Libélula has wrapped Tahoe up in some obnoxious fashion yarn (she likes fuzzy mohair or eyelash yarns best) like he was attacked by trendy Lilliputians. He always manages to unwind himself in his frenzy to greet my homecoming though, so I've yet to get a good picture of it.
Ah, but here's a picture of her as a puppy in a sweater made from the sleeve of one of my "old man" sweaters:

I like blogs with pictures. So my blog will be mostly pictures. 'Cuz I like it like that.


Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hello, and welcome to this blog. Updates are likely to be sporadic. The purpose of this blog is to provide a sort of album for a creation process. I hope to spin up wool at the proper weight, dye it, to knit up the knewest knitting craze: the incredible Rogue by the Girl from Auntie

This will blog will also undoubtedly contain pictures of my dogs.
And my incredibly messy apartment.
And maybe my husband, although he is probably too gorgeous for the servers to handle.


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