Monday, February 23, 2004

I finally took a picture of the swatches for Rogue. Happily, I got gauge perfectly first try with US7s, flat and round.

Not the greatest picture, and not the greatest swatches...just big enough to let me know I got gauge.
It's actually not quite right to say I got gauge the first time. When I decided to do this whole "sweater from scratch" thing (although that's not exactly true either, as I didn't write the pattern, and I didn't shear or card the wool) I puttered about with Google and found what seemed to be reliable info saying that Aran weight is 8wpi (wraps per inch) which seemed to be borne out in the classifications of aran weight yarn on other sites which consistently placed it between worsted and bulky. I've also seen Noro Cash Iroha classified as aran weight, but it was (I think) 10 wpi when I checked. Anyway, so the first sample skein I spun was 8wpi but would have produced an unbearably inflexible fabric and I was getting 4sts/inch. Big f*g deal, after all, all that information could be right as every knitter is different, and perhaps I messed up my wpi measuring; I am, after all, a total spaaz. Anyway, what I'm getting gauge with is actually the same thickness as Noro Cash Iroha, more or less. I like the the thick and thin yarns (as you can see from the swatch;) because to me it makes it more visually interesting with large sections of stockinette.

The problem is, is as I'm spinning more, I'm getting better and the thickness is more and more consistent, which simply won't do, and so I throw in a couple fat slubs and thin parts on purpose then start f*g up and then we're all over the place. Or I'll be in a groove and realize I've filled up one section of the bobbin, so things aren't winding on as balanced as they should be. Oops.

I'm enjoying this a lot, but I almost can't wait to finish spinning so I can dye it. I'm thinking of separating out some sample skeins and starting to work on what colour/s I want it to be.
Really though, I'm not really diggin' the Coopworth, 'cuz it's not all that soft, and it has quite a few linty slubs in it that drive me batty. They are very sneaky and you don't really feel/see them until they're in your drafting zone, where you have to make a quick choice of trying to pick it out or hide it in the core of the yarn--if it's small enough. If it's too big I either have to twist it with my fingers, which is a bad habit to get into, or hide it in a bigger outer sheath of yarn that will take twist, as the weird lumpy linty things don't seem to take it unless you roll them in your fingers, and push out all the air. Otherwise, the aligned fibers sort of twist around it like a random bit of bouclé. Some small examples of what I'm going on way too long about...they don't look like much bother do they? Maybe I should change the blog name to "OCDelicious."

Anyway, I'm sure it will be great, or if I'm still not happy after it's all spun out, I'll just sell it on eBay and use the money to buy some of PF's fancy schmancy stuff. I think I can justify that. ;P


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