Thursday, February 19, 2004

Okay, people out there have long finished their Rogues, some are still swatching and bitching, swatching and bitching, and as for me, I keep getting distracted:
A bit of Paradise Fibers handyed Rhapsody Mohair/Wool [70/30] in Tahiti colourway on Audrey's bobbin

I like this picture 'cuz it's moody and arty, with the center of the niddy-noddy looming out of the darkness... ;P

All skeined up and awaiting a steam setting of the twist:

Which reminds me that I haven't introduced the spinning wheel. Apparently, it is tradition to name and personify one's spinning wheel. So I named "her" Audrey, after Audrey Tatou, because she's jolie, fun, and occasionally tempermentally French despite the birthname of Kromski Mazurka.

Note the matching spinning stool...because my husband rocks.

So I've been distracted by spinning up some of Paradise Fibers gorgeous bounty instead of the rough and ready Coopworth I have designated for the Rogue project. I did spin up a sample skein of it to test gauge and I got it, so now all I need to do is sit down and spin out about 1600 yards --I'm doing the 39" which calls for 1200 yds but I need approx. 400yds of piece of mind. I bought the Coopworth when Nick and I were learning and he was turning out huge-slubbed thick and thin skeins that only needed crazy colour dyeing to drive the VogueKnitters wild with superbulky joy. He's since lost interest though, and now I have a ton of it, plenty to do and dye for the Rogue.

I'd trade it for some more of Paradise Fibers peacock colour merino/tencel blend or multi-coloured merino top in a heartbeat. I have a pound each of those and they are so pleasurable to work with, but I'll have to save them for lighter projects as I haven't enough to make the Rogue with it. And the whole point of spinning up some fiber stash is to reduce it, so I'm not buying anything for a long while. Unless it's something which just screams, "Make me into something for your mother!" In which case, I'll have no choice. Cooperworth is eminently appropriate for rugged outerwear like a Rogue sweatshirt, anyway.
I've also been playing with some dark Blue-faced Leicester from Copper Moose. It's soft and will wear comfortably, but for some reason I don't see doing the Rogue with it, although I do have enough for the project should I change my mind:

With its smoothness, I have much better control and spin much more consistently than with the Coopworth or the mohair/merino, and possum fur/merino blends.
Possum fur and merino blend, spun into a small skein and displayed on the skinside of a possum pelt. Mom brought the pelt and the fiber back from her recent trip to New Zealand. She made NZ sound wonderful; someday we'll go there for a visit. It sounded like my perfect place to live, but our current plan for exodus if things get much worse in this country includes France. Go figure.

Plus, I've been busy with knitting and school and those other things that we call life. Two guesses what this Work in Progress is in UCDavis colours (and UCBerkeley, and UCSan Diego...are all Uof CA colours blue and yellow?):

C'mon, I bet you only need one guess.


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