Thursday, February 26, 2004


I hate insomnia. I've been depriving myself of sleep and waking up early every day this last week trying to reset my internal clock but it isn't working. 2AM rolls around and I feel fresh as a daisy.
Which is really fresh apparently. I have a bouquet of mostly daisies that I ended up with the day after Valentine's Day because Nick and I went to do the grocery shopping and Trader Joe's would rather give flowers away than have them die in a dumpster. And they are still going strong, with no sign of encroaching death.
I was cruising blogs--y'know I never much looked at blogs before I started this one, but now I think they are way more interesting than many message boards or lists because of the highly personal nature and all the pics. I love pics of people's knitting and spinning and weather and neighborhoods and pets--and I saw something whcih made me think: The girl is beautiful, the yarn is beautiful, so what is wrong with this picture? It made me pull out my own Dolman Updated to document its shortcomings. The shape...could it be any blockier or bland?

I am an idiot for following the pattern. I should have looked at it and bothered to visualise it long enough to have incorporated more shaping than just increasing 3 stitches over 48 rows. I should have said, "hey, that body is way too wide and square!" and "Hey, my torso is longer than that!" The garter stitch border I had proved insufficient to stop the hem from curling, so I tried to unravel it but was stymied by my own iron-fisted finishing and only succeeded in making it look like the dogs had been at it:

I had so much fun knitting it though that a little devil says to just rip it all and redo it all the wiser. I (obviously) have to at least pick back up all my unraveled stitches and add more garter stitch to stabilise the hem. And unravel the neck garter stitch collar finishing, because I spaazed there too, in the way I picked up stitches to knit it:

The normal people I run into (read: non-knitters ;P) wouldn't notice it, but I don't want to deal with the potential catty/pitying/"helpfully advising" responses. ["helpfully advising" in this tradition: "You know, you should wear make-up more often, you look good."]
I dyed the yarn, before it was that pale avocado flesh green cash iroha that was on sale everywhere awhile back. (Is that a preposition that can be found in any grammar guide, or is "awhile back" kind of like "alot?") And it was so pretty and so fun to knit with, this pretty grass green lifts my spirits no end. I was really looking forward to wearing it, but now I guess I'll look forward to knitting it again.

Now that the Dolman Updated has been in a penalty box grocery bag for about two weeks and I no longer feel that knitting letdown, I think I might even be looking forward to it. It was a pretty good mindless and quick knitting project.


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