Friday, March 19, 2004

In my father's house... 

This is rapidly turning into a dogblog. We are babysitting my father's six Shih Tzus, one golden retriever and one small terrier family mixed breed for about 8 more days.
Wyatt (as in Earp) is the one with his "button" to the camera, his larger almost twin Doc (as in Holliday) and Chata (as in the Mexican fond nickname which means "flatface." It's an endearment, really, it is).

All the Shih Tzus together can be quite a vicious unpredictable mob, despite the fact that they are each lovely on their own (Wyatt, Chata, and Peggy Sue are personal favourites) and Tahoe and Libélula have yet to forgive them for the sixteen bright purple bruising bitemarks (all administered within two seconds with Tahoe screaming and running before I could pick him up) and the four stitches (someone in the mob unzipped a hole the size of a quarter on her inner thigh, you could see the muscle) so it is an uneasy state of being and caring. It helps to break them into rotating smaller groups.

But, I'm taking my basket of unfinished projects back out there tonight, so I should have knitting FOs to post soon.

Next blogging goal: to post the buttons of the Blogs I Like and Envy, as I think we can all agree that looking at a stack of buttons is more enticing than the grey link font. Although, probably hell on the dial-up kids, but so's the rest of the online world nowaday anyway.

If you've read this far and are hankering for more knitting content -- not hard with my current total of almost zilch ;P --and another picture of a Shih Tzu (probably much better behaved than this lot), click here.


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