Sunday, March 14, 2004

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon! 

I actually went to a knit-together this week. And remembered why I can be such a knitting hermit. I sat next to a woman who rocked back and forth constantly and breathed like a pug going for a jog...I managed a whole ten minutes there, but when she proclaimed loudly to the group (an apparent non sequitur, as while I'd been there a few minutes, I had no idea what triggered this assertion): "My father hung around as a ghost for years, until my mother died..." I got up and browsed the needle section of the store and somehow never found my way back to my original chair. It's impossible to communicate in a blog, but she had the voice, cadence, and enunciation of someone who has self-medicated their brain to death and I just didn't want to have to sit next to the rocking, wheezing, and oddness. I felt a little bad, because if she had been in one of the homes we visit with the therapy bunnies, we might have had a grand old time, and it was just the context of it that made me move away. Which was the real sticky bit, since it made me wonder if I have a subconscious desire for segregation of the mentally ill etc., where "I'm fine with it" until I have to sit next to it...the whole "not in my neighbourhood" schtick.

Which can't be right. I can't feel like that. I vote Green, for G-d's sake! [although not in this Presidential election]

Enough navel contemplation.
Prepping for the knittogether, I gathered up some UFOs and realised I should make a list up, maybe even try to quantify how much is done, like those status boards people have, since I'm still spinning for the Rogue (I don't spin every day, and so probably average 100yds a day, slow going then ;) but like the idea of using this as an online project progress diary. Another learning goal for this newbie blogger then.

The weather here in San Diego is back to being gorgeous again, but we are laying around, reading, knitting, gorging on green grapes.

Maybe we'll go to the lake later in the day, but I doubt it. It's a lazy, lazy day.


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