Friday, March 26, 2004

para las mujeres... 

más fotos

Pues, para las mujeres heteros, los hombres homosexuales, o los bisexuales...

I just find her facial expression amusing, sort of a mixture of embarrassment, restraint of the evil impulse to perhaps bite that bottom, and fear of a fart attack?

What's going on in my knitting world? Not much, I'm kind of stagnating out there at my Dad's in deep rural East County San Diego, somewhere east of Jamul, north of Dulzura, and smackdab in the middle of Border Patrol country. Since the weather is so fine, there is a lot of migration going on and it's a bit unnerving to be out there sometimes. My husband was in front of the garage the other night and heard voices close by. When he pulled his gun out, the voices turned to running feet and the sounds of sliding through brush and across granite. There's no reason for anyone to be that close to the house unless they were looking for something. The other night Bélu kept running to the front door barking and growling, but I couldn't know if it was people or a bobcat (there's a bobcat that stalks the birdfeeders and killed all the chickens last year) that she was sensing. Then the other night I got out of the bath and stood in the guest room we're staying in and heard whistling (since I was naked and in front of a window, this was very disconcerting) but it might have been from the news on the television (although inapropos because at that moment they were interviewing a woman who had seen her child critically injured by a hit and run driver) but 30 ft from the window there are a screen of trees so if it was someone whistling at me, they were on the driveway. That is to say, way too close to the house with no reason to be there. It's not like there isn't a huge freakin' fence. A little hard to miss, even at night.

On a lighter note, marido y yo went to the doctor today to get some vaccinations and "just in case" prescriptions written for the vacation. My arm hurts from the Hep A and the tetanus vaccinations, but I am really getting wound up for this trip. The first half is just us exploring a small part of Oaxaca (Oaxaca City and Mazunte [located on the coast]) and the second half is a tour of Chiapas through Manos de Oaxaca which may sound familiar if you read Spin Off magazine and read the article on silk in Oaxaca. That article was written by Eric Mindling who runs the tours, and I have been looking forward to this for almost a year. We're going to do a lot of traveling by bus, so I have to make sure I bring enough knitting, without having a lot of bulk, so socks, lace, a fine gauge sweater?...

Nick and I went to the Yucatan peninsula on our "luna de miel" (honeymoon) and he discovered that he loves to snorkel. Absolutely addicted. Before, he thought he hated swimming, but he'd just never had a chance to swim in the Caribbean. We took this picture at Yalku, a little lagoon just north of Tulum:

I can't wait to go back to Mexico!


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