Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sunday Odds & Ends 

Being a Wingwoman looks like an interesting job...

I bought a few new frames last night, went through old pictures, finally hung up some of our old pictures and things (hey, it only took me ten months to get around to it, might be some kind of record for me) and ran across a theme in many of my favourite photos. See if you can spot it:

(sorry about the bad scans)

This morning, in the wee hours, when I am highly vulnerable to shopping impulses, I joined audible.com and downloaded David Sedaris's new book.

He is one of the rare authors I've found who can read their own stuff aloud and have it be better than just reading it from the page. I told myself I will listen to it while running...there's six hours of audio there, so this book might just change my butt.

Finally, some knit-related stuff, lest anyone think I am a total knitposeur:

some progress on the "Map of the World" afghan

I'm up to knitting a bit of Peru, and in a few more rows, Ecuador.

Two peace armbands (peace symbol chart available from the Revolutionary Knitting Circle.)

The smaller one is for warm weather, the larger more colourful one is for winter, wearing over a jacket sleeve.

A finished 36" CritterKnitter blanket made from Lionbrand Homespun.

Tahoe seems to have adopted this as his own, which I take as a sign of doggie approval, and thankfully he hasn't much of a memory, so he won't pine for too long when it disappears into a mailer.

Well, off to see who gets whacked in the season finale of The Sopranos...


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