Friday, June 25, 2004

Those who are appalled by "fart jokes" mouse on... 

On Knitflame today someone mentioned talking out of their ass. Now there's a lot of "straight from the ass's orifice" talk on KF, KL, KBTH, AK, SK...well, really, the 'net, but for some reason today I was reminded overwhelmingly of "Le Petomane."

And since the only knitting I've done in the last few days is a dull dull double moss stitch square for a sampler afghan out of the handspun handyed yarn I already showed youse (the lighter blue one), I thought I'd share a "puerile" panegyrical post [I put those quotation marks on because I don't actually think that body function humour or the appreciation of said humour is necessarily childish, just human] of a master of colon control.

and I love those old ads, or wine posters, posters from old expos that chi-chi little restaurants or Crate and Barrel-type shops have on their walls, so I'd love to see this up on my kitchen wall someday:

Have a good weekend and wish me good traffic and driving karma for Jen [of JenLa fame] and my roadtrip to Village Spinning & Weaving in Solvang.


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