Thursday, July 22, 2004

Gone Fishin' 

Man, I hate those cutesy signs with the little cartoon fishermen. Here's a version that might command some respect, or at least a little revulsion:

picture courtesy of martinezlake.com

Those monsters were apparently pulled from Lake Martinez on the CA/AZ border. You wouldn't believe the cost of real estate there, even more out of control than San Diego.

In knitting, I actually went to a knitting Meetup yesterday, and it was fun. I may even start going out to knit more often. Whoever suggested Claire de Lune in North Park rocks; it is way roomier and quieter than the Living Room. There were only four of us too, which made it very cozy. I worked on the Map of the World Afghan. Somewhere along the line, Mexico lost some stitch width and it surfaced in the Gulf, but I compare the chart with the knitting and don't see where it all went horribly wrong. Bermuda triangle? Damn! There's a missed opportunity! I could have knit a swirling vortex...
As if I don't have enough trouble just sticking to the pattern.


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