Sunday, July 18, 2004

Instead of Chem... 

I searched high and low for plastic bottles like transluscent versions of diner ketchup and mustard containers appropriate for mixing and painting with dye. 
Much time wasted, I settled on these kiddie-size water bottles.  I didn't want to use a sports-top water bottle originally because 1) these containers are meant for one use only and can crack or leak through rpeated use 2) in my experience, the snapping of the top usually spatters liquid.

But since these have a smooth twist-close action, which obviates complaint #2, I figured I could just try to be gentle.
Then I opened the lid to the dyepot.  Which I admit had been soaking for at least 72 hours.  I was afraid that the vinegar-slight acidity might eat the fiber, but I should have remembered the example of the human mouth and been more concerned about funky stuff growing.  I washed the locks gently, but the funk was clingy, and I didn't want to break up the locks, so I just dipped them in a new vinegar water solution and started splashing on the dye, wrapping the locks in plastic wrap and putting them in the steaming rack of my dye pot.  Today, when they'd cooled to room temp, I washed them and laid them out to dry:

I went for the ROYGBIV spectrum, but you can see that the colours aren't really true to representive, the indigo and violet particularly, and the orange is a little reddish, but  they're purty enough to me.
I realised I lied when I said I hadn't really done any fiber stuff last week, I forgot I'd ripped the knitting project I'd taken to Mexico back to the balls one night:

It was just a sweatshirt I was making up as I went along, and I ripped it (I'm a little embarrassed to admit this) because I was watching Blow Out and saw one of the "hair designers" wearing a fairly open knit mohair sweatshirt and it caught my fancy, so I decided to rip this fairly tightly knit thing and go for a more open look. 
'Course, soon as I pulled it off the needles and pulled it around I realised it was perfect and that I was right at the dividing for armholes stage, which to me, is almost home.  I think it will look better more open though, and on bigger needles, I'll get to that point again in no time.  When I cast on.  I haven't touched it since I ripped it.
We've been dogsitting for the downstairs Dalmation:

He's "hella clingy."  The first time we dogsat, he was constantly pacing and fidgeting, but he's been able to relax over time.
As for the whippets, they're playing dead, and not having any problems relaxing in this muggy heat:


Whippets aren't known as wet-mouthed dogs, so it's funny to wake up next to something like this, look around and see that everybody in bed is going to need a tissue for the side of their face.  Like the dogs really care.


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