Friday, July 16, 2004

Spoiled Rotten 

Here's what I received from Nick for my birthday:

 Usually, I honestly don't want anything for my birthday, but for some reason the selfish spirit of a shitload of music in the palm of my hand filled me...
And it is rockin'.  
We had 12 hours of music on the hard drive from burning mix CDs, and I have a collection of about 250 CDs on the shelves...I can't wait to listen to them electronically randomised.  ;P
[No, really, I just love it when Tom Waits sings "Downtown Train" and the Gypsy Kings sing "Volare" and Don Walser sings "Rolling Stone From Texas" and Shakira sings "Underneath Your Clothes" one after another, I love that Blondie can be next to Slim Whitman, and Tom Petty can come to the party with Tim McGraw (although TIMmay! only gets to stay long enough to sing "I'm Just Talking 'bout Tonight," fascist-first amendment-hating-chauvinist pig that he is) and Yma Sumac can pop up to back up Dar Williams and here comes Lucinda Williams for enough femme-rock-power to make the fundie-right version of baby Jesus cry...]
Of course when I entered "ipod" into Google for choosing an image, I came across two interesting things:
For the CSI fans:
Death by iPod
and a consumer alert:
iPod's Dirty Little Secret 

And if we want to get nit-picky I ended up having some trouble installing the software on my PC because the iTunes version I had was a later one than the provided disc version, and with the disruption in the setup it ended up not installing properly.  I ended up having to remove the later iTunes, re-installing the iPod CD (re-registering and all that), then re-downloading the latest iTunes so I could play the music in My Library that had been imported with the newer version that wouldn't play on the outdated install disc version and downloading updated iPod software from the apple website because that was apparently out of date and out of sync too.  If I was on dial-up, I would have been really pissed.
Also Fry's sold Nick a refurbished iPod with a scratched face for the price of a new one after carefully repackaging it so we wouldn't see the refurbished notice and damage until I'd unwrapped it...when he returned it, they offered it to him for 10% off the MSRP.  Ummm...gee, that's nice of you guys after he spent an hour in traffic driving all the way back to return a misrepresented product--how does Fry's afford to be so generous? 
He got his money back and went to Best Buy.  
As far as knitting goes, I think if I typed a paragraph describing what fiber stuff I've done this week, I'd be spending more time than I have doing said fiber stuff.  Which is to say, a couple rows of progress all around and some thumbing through the new IK. 
I've been soaking the locks I bought in Solvang for rainbow dyeing by steam set, but it's harder to find empty plastic bottles appropriate for dye painting than I thought.
It's really hot here, and when I'm not at school, we're at the beach or hiding somewhere air-conditioned with a good book.  Or a chem book.  blah.  At least I have 1.2 days of music (so far)in portable form to amuse me.

Dance, dork! Dance!


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