Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy Dyes Are Here Again 

I did some more dyeing of the "was to be Rogue" stash, and am pretty happy with what happened.

I soaked the yarn in water-vinegar solution for a night or so (but not so long this time that ick started growing) laid out some Trader Joe's plastic wrap, squeezed most of the water from the skeins, and applied dye willy-nilly. First, the subtle blue-green number:

Then I wrapped the skein up kind of like a sandwich, taking care that there wasn't any bunching and when I placed it in the steamer section of the pot the ends of the plastic package weren't elevated, because I think that's part of the reason I had void-y bits last time.

I'm calling this colourway "Homeless Clown Hair" in honour of our down-and-out friend Ronnie of my last post:

And I still love green, two skeins, the first a kind of a grassy green, another like the leaves of a tree as seen from below, some in shadow and dark green, others with streaks of sunlight dappling through:

The colour of that last, the darker one, doesn't come out so great in the idividual shot, but the variation and true colours can be seen better in the group shot.

It certainly is interesting how the modes of communication can change the way we think about our messages, our information, what we want to share. Just trying to drum up a silly title I was thinking of playing with dyeing/dying and the idea of the "little death," how the French would term an orgasm, and a wordplay used by Shakespeare on occasion. Then I got over myself. Well, sort of.

Do you think Shakespeare would have blogged?

Anyway dyeing is almost as fun and satisfying as an orgasm. Although with more prep, time, chemicals and vinegar smell than...never mind.


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