Monday, September 06, 2004

I love dyeing... 

...maybe because I have such low expectations that anything that doesn't come out felted is a resounding success for me. And actually, I haven't felted anything yet, which might endanger my spaaz union membership except for the sheer ineptness I demonstrate in other areas of my life.

I forgot to mention this came in the mail the other day; it's a crochet/double point needle case from Amy Boogie's room-cleaning sale endeavor. Certainly can't beat the price,uniqueness, and utility of her stuff.

Perhaps inspired by this, and inspired by my trade agreement with Mandy from Yarnageddon I dyed this:

It's camo yarn! I don't know if I dig it or hate it. I spun the white wool with Mandy in mind, dyed it wanting something green but remembering Mandy hates blue but purple is okay...and this is what came out. I think amongst some other greens and colours it can really make it, alone, well, it looks like jungle camo yarn. I guess if Mandy doesn't want it I can knit it into baklavas for the Zapatistas. I love this trade thing though, we have a very loosely defined agreement which has really set some ideas bubbling.

Also thinking of Mandy, I dyed some clown hair roving...maybe 5 ounces of the blue-faced leicester that I was going to do the Rogue in that started this whole blog thing...it might be more, I guess I should get a scale (I need one anyway to weigh the kids' food if I'm ever going to move past the pre-packaged raw diet stuff).

The pic isn't that great, but I'm looking forward to spinning it. It really is more fun to spin coloured roving...so I dyed the two ounces of soysilk-cashmere blend I bought at The Black Sheep in Escondido.
As an aside, that was an expensive trip. It isn't that far from work, and I only bought three little half-ounce Jaquard Acid dye bottles and the impulse soysilk-cashmere fiber, but I ended up parking in front of a yoga stuff store and spent two hundred bucks on an incredible mat, bag, pants, and magazine. It's yoga-stashing, and it ain't pretty, folks.

Anyway, because I'm in a green phase, here's the soysilk-cashmere roving:

Some bits of it are still a little damp, and obviously, it needs a little fluffing before spinning.


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