Wednesday, September 01, 2004

S/MFabFibFest Part Deux 

So here's a photo-heavy blog entry of what I scored at the FiberFest, leading with the Carolina Homespun booty:

Left to right it's (I believe called) silk brick, 2 oz. of merino/bombyx silk blend, and a bit of blue Firestar. I never would have believed that I'd buy more Firestar, but once I got the hang of it it practically spun itself and I couldn't resist their gorgeous hand-dyed colours. Ooops, and I forgot to take a pic of the silk caps I bought from them all in one, but here it is below:

And here's the cashmere soft 100% organic cotton I bought from New World Textiles, the sample they had spun and knit, plus the sheer luxurious softness of it makes me think that this cotton is the underappreciated luxury fiber.

And here is the belle of the ball, the most luxurious and decadant thing I bought, the 2 oz. of bombyx silk dyed by Chasing Rainbows, and in the center, a wee bit of dyed kid locks:

And here's what arrived today from Carolina Homespun:

An Anarchist Knitter t-shirt! Yay! But the wrong size. Oh. So, not my Anarchist Knitter shirt. I bought one way back at the first and only Stitches West market I went to (2002?) so I asked about the availability of them at the FiberFest and Lanny said that they had only two left and no more coming, a small and an extra large. I am a small, so I asked for that one...hopefully they still have the small somewhere, as my other anarchistknitter shirt is a bit knackered and I'd like a new one.
I'll either return or gift this one.
Perhaps a blog contest is in order.

And since it is the first, it would be a good time to start a contest. But what kind of blog contest? The other, better knitting, cat-loving Wendy just has people send an e-mail. Which is just like a reward for reading the blog. Not neccessary for her blog, but if you've stuck this far with me, you probably deserve a reward. But still, my stingy Scottish self recoils.

Howsabout you do this: investigate local charity volunteer opportunities (not affiliated with political parties, must benefit actual human/animal beings in your community) and take a close look at your schedule and see whether here or there, you might be able to squeeze in an hour or two of community service. For people like Jen of JenLa who work really random schedules, this can be difficult. But promise me you'll take a look, then send me an e-mail at TORTA_DE_TORTUGAathotmaildotcom, and I'll assign numbers, put numbers into a hat, whatever. You don't have to say what charity, or anything, so theoretically you could just send me an e-mail without evaluating your humanitarian potential first, but that would be unbefitting the stodgy, didactic, kinda preachy principle of the thing.

And if you don't want an XL anarchist knitter t-shirt, you could choose this instead:

Not used of course, not my own coffee mug of which I originally posted (I'm not THAT Scottish) but a brand spankin' new one in a box.

I guess I should say entries are due by the stroke of midnight of the dawning of October. (What is that, like 11:59/2359 of the 30th?..uh, yeah, sure)


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