Saturday, September 18, 2004

Welcome to KAOS 

Knitters Against Organised Spaces, that is. At least, it would appear that I have joined (or fallen victim of) an evil international conspiracy to live among squalorous piles of laundry, coffee cups, and little bits of paper.

Yes, I could be fighting back right now, but it's really hot. So, meh.

What I have been doing: a little bit of spinning and dyeing, a fair bit of working at HWAC, some school, and a lot of itching. One of the dogs at work must have had poison oak oil in their fur, because I got poison oak all over my lower legs, and before I realised that the itching was poison oak and not just itch from the heat and hard work in the sun, I'd spread it to my eyes, my ears, and my wrists...so I am slowly going insane. And bathing in Tecnu.

The right-hand yarn is spun from the Homeless Clown Hair roving, a very bright orange with generally subtle shadings to red, yellowy orange, and construction cone. The other was spun, then dyed, sort of a brick red. Dusty Clown Nose, I suppose. These are for Mandy, if she wants them. And I spun and dyed them before I got poison oak, even though they are kind of poison oak colours, so no worries about nasty surprises after knitting up.

School is school, two Spanish classes, love one and hate the other.

I did go to a knitting meetup on Wednesday, and had again, a really good time. It was a really great mix of people and projects:

The woman next to me was spinning up an incredible yarn in superwash; she showed me a ball of it plied double and it was very cool, looking right off the shelf of a hip yarn store.

Another woman was beading a butterfly [with seed beads, in that dark café light!] on to a really neat scrumble style crocheted bag, with dyed panels (of silk?). Gorgeous and funky. Then, there was knitting, lots of different projects, lots of pretty yarns, gloves, sweaters, socks, and scarves.

I brought my wheel along because Heidi of AbsintheKnits mentioned she was interested in learning how to spin, but ended up giving quick demos to a few people. (five?)

Almost everybody said they were afraid of breaking the wheel, but nobody even came close. I was really impressed with the yarn people were able to spin, right off the bat, in just a few minutes and with only basic instruction.

I wish I'd had my Lendrum for that because it looks sturdy and operates more smoothly with the double treadle, but it's on back-order and I don't know when it will actually arrive and really be my Lendrum.

I also wish I'd gotten off my ass and started showing people earlier in the evening so they'd have time to get comfy with it and be able to spin up a length to take home and play with. Next time, I guess.

Aw, crap! I itch!


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