Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Late notice/reminder... 

...I know, but if there's anyone in the San Diego County area interested in attending the Fiber Festival at the Cuayamaca Water Gardens, it's this Saturday, the 16th. A description of the FF, as posted by the marvelous Laura Noll:

Here is an event that should appeal to lots of people!!! It's at the Water
Conservation Garden out in El Cajon (near Cuyamaca College, in Rancho San Diego)
and is a lovely place to spend the day! For directions, please go to

The Fiber Festival people are offering vendors of fibers, yarns, equipment,and
more. We will also have a Sheep to Shawl style competition, spinning and other
contests, and education opportunities! And prizes will be donated by the

The Education Corral starts at 10am with Spinning, 11am with Knitting,
12noon with Crocheting, 1pm with Weaving and 2pm with Kumihimo Braiding.
Each session is for the entire hour. We need volunteers to help teach these
crafts. Also, if you know anyone who wants to learn one of these crafts, please
send them on down! Please contact Laura Noll to sign up as a volunteer. No
registration is needed to participate as a student!

Also, the Garden folks are offering plant sales, book sales, docent tours and

I'm volunteering somewhere in there. Because you know me and volunteering; I just can't help myself.

If you need directions to the garden, here's their site.

Failing any knitting/spinning pictures but for seven more inches of stockinette, 250yds more undyed thick and thin BFL, and still too excited about the new wheel to not be dull about it, I close with my most recent favourite photo of family, my brother and his dog, Sheila Doog.

Why, yes ladies, the man in the purple shirt and faded red trousers is single, but he's definitely a package deal.


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