Thursday, October 21, 2004

Things Which Annoy Me 

  • Fund raising candy with ambiguous grammar sold to benefit a local school:

    Is it the idiotic error of a plural written as a possessive...or is this a cutesy contraction ("Fund Raisings")? It bugs me, I tell you. It also bothers me that the child I purchased this from looked overwhemingly like the photos of my husband at the same age and it was very hard for me to refrain from telling him he would grow up to be a hottie. As it would be highly inappropriate thing for a twenty-six year old woman to say to a ten year old boy.

    And yes, it does bother me when older men tell little girls they will grow up to be "heart-breakers," yes.

  • Missing a knit meet-up I've been looking forward to all month because it'd been a long day and I didn't feel like driving in the rain...esp. since Heidi reports that it was a lot of fun with a lot of new people.

    Then again, it was nice to snuggle with Nick on the couch and eat curry and apple pie and listen to the rain.

  • Knitting with super-fuzzy yarn, because when you try to back up or read your knitting it all goes to hell pretty fast...although it is incredibly soft and spongey.

    This is the neck ribbing of a sweater for an Italian Greyhound puppy from Le Fibre Nobili Geisha. Like I said, it's supersoft, but knitting with it can be as obnoxious as its name.

  • And Photobucket, since trying to manipulate the picture of the ribbing is yielding ridiculous results. I'd rather be knitting it, then, thank you.

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