Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Things Which Make Me Happy... 

  • Finally f*cking finishing something.

    Although technically this shouldn't count as it's a hat I knit for donation to AfghansforAfghans but never got around to doing the stabilising single crochet around the edges until last week. I made up the pattern as I went and as a way to learn intarsia and fair isle in the round and I'm still kind of proud that it doesn't look too funked up and the star is almost worthy of a sneech belly --yeah, okay, not even close, but you can't mention stars without sneeches and bellies and stars upon thars...

    Here's the finished sweater for an IG puppy of a lady at work. This was total knit-list-itis on my part. I don't even know this lady's name (but the dog's is Oreo) but I had this ball in the stash and I thought I'd give it a shot.

    It's all ribbed and with a split towards the belly section so that it can grow with her, at least for a little while.

    Here it is looking more doglike.

  • Watching hot air balloons inflated on Saturday evenings in Del Mar, not too far from work. They look luminous,


    delicate, but dangerous like technicolour man-eating jellyfish,

    and so postcard "wish you were here"ish

  • Dyeing on a cloudy day. (lacewight handspun I'll be trying to make a bouclĂ© with)

  • The beautiful colours of the seashells the ocean gives us at dog beach in Coronado.

  • When I'm so enthralled with the audiobook I'm listening to that I forget to pay attention to the fiber I'm winding onto a bobbin (adding twist)...yes, this is definitely an unbalanced bobbin on Audrey.

  • Reading and listening to fun books.

    The audio books of The Time Traveler's Wife and Across the Nightingale Floor of the Otori Trilogy are amazingly good. If you have high speed internet, audible.com is a revolution. And I don't mean one of these crappy "back to where we started just with some other corrupt megalomaniac in charge" kind of revolutions.

    I downloaded the audio of Middlesex and read the book. I wasn't as impressed as all the things I'd heard led me to believe but it's a great concept. It felt like a writing exercise meets expanded short story meets badly edited trilogy condensed to single volume. I will still read his Virgin Suicides though.

    My Mom gave me Pullman's Dark Matter trilogy, which is apparently a children's series, but I'm loving it.

  • NPR, despite pledge week.

  • Dar Williams and Robert Earl Keen--despite his newest album--and

  • how easy music shopping has become in this internet age.

  • Bored Nerds, with a shout out again to the vituperationblog.

  • And these love weasels:

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