Saturday, October 16, 2004


The Fall Festival at the Cuyamaca Water Gardens was fun. One of the best things is I saw people I haven't seen in quite a while, and saw new friends too. And of course, the booty. It was a grey day, but not cold, hence perfect for walking around the winding paths of aloes and wool.

First I was distracted by a sheep to shawl competition:

You can't really get the mesmerising activity of the competition from this pic, but there were twelve wheels in the small area, along with two looms, and assorted knitters, whirling, clacking, working away. I stopped and watched for a little while before going up and embarrassing myself in the education arena for a bit; Margaret Tyler helped me out and I was able to spin for a little bit without dropping the damn spindle, and even showed someone else how to do it, though she remained unconverted. Then I toddled off to browse the stands.

From some of the buzz, I have to admit I expected more vendors, but those who were there had fabulous stuff. I bought this cute little son of a gun from Susan (?) of The Grove at Juniper & 30th.

She also had a cute lined basket from Lantern Moon which I resisted, but they are really filling the artful knitters supplies niche very well with their beautiful needles, baskets, and kitschy tape measures.

I also snagged 10.4 ounces of incredibly soft camel coloured roving from a two year old alpaca named Peaches from A Simpler Time, and some Moorit Merino/Angora rabbit blend from Flying Colors Ranch of Valley Center, some spinning oil, Eucalan, and lovely dyed Lincoln locks from Loraine Powell of Ramona.

Another neat thing about going to these fiber shows is that you get to meet vendors that don't operate on-line, and some of the amazing things they do. You get to look at stuff, feel fibers, and talk to the people who raised the animals or hand-turned the spindles.

And the setting was pretty nifty, I really love succulents.

For all that, I didn't stay too long, I grabbed my loot and scurried home to snuggle in with Nick and the whippets, and everybody had to shove a nose (wet or not) in the bags and inhale deeply...aaah...the smell of a good day.


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