Monday, November 01, 2004

My name is Spaazlicious, and I approved this message 

Look at the monkey laugh. Americans love monkeys. Laugh, naughty little monkey, laugh.

Don't forget to vote, whether for a "former" cokehead alcoholic drunk driving primate [linkie1, linkie2] who has a tendency to lose time (unnacountability in Guard Service, incompetence in foreign policy [see Atlantic Monthly article]) or a human being who served honorably and is now being attacked for apparently not being wounded enough and exercising his first amendment rights.

Thst pesky first amendment sure has proved an annoyance to the GOP:

"When Vice President Dick Cheney visited Eugene, Oregon on Sept. 17, a 54-Year old woman named Perry Patterson was charged with criminal trespass for blurting the word "No" when Cheney said that George W. Bush has made the world safer. "

[From a press release regarding the three teachers threatened with arrest for wearing t-shirts printed with the words "Protect Our Civil Liberties" to a Bush speech.]

November 2nd is also Día de los Muertos, a day to honor the dead. Light a candle, tie a yellow ribbon, just get out and vote.

And now for something completely different (and more on-topic, and less topical)

Things which make me happy, part II

  • Libélula being a naughty monkey herself, head in a Tostitos bag

  • My favourite dyeing turn-out yet in yarn for Mandy in BFL from Louet which was much more fun to spin than the neppy BFL from Copper Moose.

  • The pugnacious jawline, even in snooziness, of my adorable niece.

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