Monday, November 08, 2004


We're all packed and ready to go...I wish. No, we'll be running around like chaos in human forms to leave early enough to miss LA traffic tomorrow, but at least we know at least two things we'll be packing.

This week and half of the next, we'll be driving around northern California looking for a new hometown, since someday we'd like to afford our own home and it just isn't going to happen here in sunny stickershocked San Diego.

So if you're reading this and live around Williams, Yreka, Eureka, Arcata, or Alturas and want to show us your town, or just meet up for a quick cup of coffee, drop me an e-mail at the address in the sidebar. Or if clicking that doesn't work for you for some reason, send it to TORTA_DE_TORTUGAathotmaildotblahblahblah.

I won't be bringing my wheel on the road, but I will bring my cardigan and a couple other knitting projects, and the iPod with The Secret Life of Bees on it. I'm not too far into the book (Chapter Two), but I really like what I've heard so far.

Take a look at this new breed of dog we're working on. A little longer than the usual whippet and an extra set of legs for better traction and get up'n'go.

And here's a pic of the 2,132 yards of spaaziness I will finally be sending off to Mandy, whom I'd link to but her server's offline while they're moving and settling. So hopefully she'll see this and be happy..."Yay! Another damned box to unpack!"

It was really fun spinning and dyeing all this stuff up. If you're reading this Mandy, I really hope you dig the colours and the thicknthin funkiness when it gets there.


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