Sunday, December 26, 2004

Let the tradition of blurry photos continue! 

Here they are, Sunday morning, December 26th, in all their snuggly little bit of chilly morning warm bed and Sunday paper browsing coffee drinking glory:

Belu looks so attitudinous because she's on a diet and was caught snagging the rest of the day's food from the countertop.

Last night we exchanged Christmas presents at my grandmother's and my Mom pulled a ziploc bag with a blur of blue-and-green out of her present (the nice thing about giving a tote bag is you can stuff it with other stuff too) and looked at me like, "What is this? It'd better not be a dead parrot."

(Of course I would never give her a dead parrot in a ziploc bag, she knows that. It might be sleeping or pining for the fjords...but never dead.)

But it was an incomplete scarf because of course I hadn't finished it, despite its fairly simple two line repeat feather and fan lace pattern.

As I'd been working on it I grew increasingly dissatisfied with its width. I'd chosen two repeats of the stitch pattern because to my mind, with the colours, it made it that much more dragonfly-like.

But maybe it has something to do with this time of the year, my confusedly Catholic tendencies, or who knows what, but three repeats look better in my mind. And I could fix my too tight cast-on which makes it pouch at the bottom.

So I asked Mom if she'd like three repeats, a wider scarf, and somewhere among the din of my cousins she heard me and said, "yes, three would be nice." So I'm ripping and restarting today, and I think it will look better, skinny scarves being a new demarcation of age-appropriate wear. Plus, you can block the piss out of them but if a scarf has skinny tendencies it will just stretch more and more with everyday use, but a wider three repeat should make it more stable, more pleasing to the eye, more fluffy feeling 'round the neck.

I hope.

And I'm really digging working with it. "Everyone prefers their own brand," indeed.


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