Sunday, December 19, 2004

Whine and wool and diesel fumes 

A week of late bedtimes and early risings and I'm tired.

This week has just flown by, which is just what happens when you're busy, and is doubled by the holiday factor.

Yes, today I am Queen of the Obvious and declare yet another holiday in honour of the nose upon my face.

Sometime here and there in the past two weeks I spun a skein of thick and thin from Lou√ęt's South African Fine Wool and sometime in the past week I dyed it. Honestly, the days have run so much together I have no idea when, even if anyone did care to construct a timeline of my crafty events.

I floated it in a pot and poured green, blue, purple and yellow on it randomly, and am very happy with the unphotographable results.

Here's a photograph:

It looks kind of like this, but there's really so many different little shadings. It's more green, it's more blue, it's more purple, it's...not very yellow.

I think I like spinning and dyeing more than knitting in busy times like these, because although my results are as unpredictable as my spaaztic knitting, they are quicker. And you can almost alway overdye, but to rip out and start again is less fun.

Starting tomorrow, I should have about two and a half more hours of free time every work day because I won't be driving up to HWAC anymore, and because the schedule shift conflicts with the volunteer work I've been doing with the Center(s) I am gaining another fourteen hours every month, but losing AniMeals, Pet Encounter Therapy, and the Sunday night turnout at GAC.

A bummer to be sure, but kind of a relief to finally get a whole day off to myself to piss away as I please.

And I suppose there will be moments when I'll miss that golden quality of light blessing the backup at the merge over the summit of the 52 in the mornings.

But I doubt those moments will linger or last long at all.

Pssst! Mandy, if you're reading this, send me an e-mail from a returnable addy...I want to send you some links.


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