Wednesday, March 02, 2005

i am overwhelmed 

by today's technology. I can listen to good music and view incredible photos from halfway around the world (thanks so much to the Superhero Journal for the photo links) anytime.

Because I'm all about jumping on the bandwagon, I've been listening to some podcasts lately, and while I'll admit that my experience is really limited, I think I prefer the weblog medium. Pictures make the difference to me, although the laughter of mr. shark attack and lady starfish is a bit infectious. Being able to hear the tonal intentions of the author(s) makes it interesting, but can also really highlight the ego of it all. If the NYTimes thought the MommyBloggers were self-absorbed...Well, I guess that's the difference between an article written for the "Technology" section v. "Fashion & Style."

I admit, I've been tempted to record a podcast from work: "And that constant, rhythmic barking is Eclipse. Don't bother to try and stop him through scolding or soothing, he just can't help himself during dog transfers from slab to crate. The lower pitched syncopated woofing is Strome. He hates Eclipse and wants him to know it. The higher pitched animalistic crying, panting and whining? That's Button. He likes to lick the corners of his crate so his saliva soaks into the wood floor and drips down onto the linoleum. At the end of the day we collect the several ounces of it and sell it to L'oreal as anti-aging serum. The other twenty-seven dogs in this 250square foot trailer are fast asleep, because that's what greyhounds are all about."

Speaking of technology & bandwagons, through audible.com I've found that Tim Curry rocks the Lemony Snicket train. On the page it's kind of repetitive, but Curry's voice brings the patterns pleasure. I really don't know why I keep reading these anyway. I think it's kind of like Pringles chips. I don't really enjoy them (okay, but yes, I do) but they're so charmingly packaged that even though I feel a little sick for it, I devour them.

And I joined the Adagio Tea linking bandwagon, though I hid it in my incredibly messy sidebar. Not as messy as my house though, I tell ya.

I promise myself (and anybody out there) that the next thing I post will be 1) less whorish 2) also in Spanish.

BTW, I'm deleting the polls and posting the results next week. I was hoping for a runaway write-in candidate or something for the Tom Waits thing, but I guess it just ain't gonna happen.


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