Friday, March 18, 2005

it is important to have an outlet for your anger

mine is my face.
my emotion just pops right out
this doesn't look that big, but all day it felt like I was growing a fetal armbud from just above my eyebrow.
which hurts, in case you've never done it yourself

And thank you guys for your generous offers of fiber to replace that which was damaged by canine hooliganism, but it is all pretty much salvagable. I was just being a big melodramatic baby because I wanted to be able to spin the nicely prepared fibers from their nicely unshredded bags and not have to worry about random bits of VM.

VM is the nice, spinner's lingo way of saying "random crap."
Which may include literal crap, usually from the field, but this time maybe from our deck.

But I really do appreciate the sympathy and the offers. You guys are great.

I am also mindful of being in a de-stashing phase...there was just a slight misunderstanding in the universe, that's all. And now if I have a hard time spinning the yak or cotton, I can just blame it on the crappy canine "pre-drafting" they did.


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