Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hurrah! *sob* 

I saw a preview for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie for the first time tonight. I cried.

Stupid, stupid. But to write what that series meant to me, sequestered at an all girls boarding school (the same one Patti Hearst went to) would be impossible. And boring.

I just miss Douglas Adams so much.

April 29, 2005.

[Later edited to add after Mandy sent me an e-mail with a comment since Haloscan was freakin' out mentioning that DA "changed the story for each incarnation" & my response was kind of a clarification of the melodramatic tone of the previous part of the post and perhaps a more accurate reflection of how I really feel on the whole thing--since I'll be there on opening day, but I won't camp out to get tickets. Anyway:

He was definitely a writer who was very conscious of the different media he worked with--I have Salmon of Doubt on audio and in it he goes on and on about creating a CD-ROM, the joys and the tedious bits, the limitations and the advantages. He was so into emerging technologies and so interested in the universe, life, and everything ;) that it probably distracted him from leaving a larger written legacy of the quality of HGttG since so much of his later stuff was written during crunch time, literally locked in a hotel room by his editor and only allowed out for walks. My way of operating ;), but not exactly conducive to the best quality (although who's to say it didn't inspire some genius riffs?).

Anyway, I feel like a total dork for posting [this] entry. Not like I really KNEW him, I'm just one of his millions of fans who feel ripped off by fate--especially when there are heart-attack-heavy hacks out there roaming free-range and filling the world with OpCenter crap.
Eh, life is cruel and then you turn into a pot of petunias.


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