Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Seriously annoyed. 

It annoys me when someone wins an eBay auction and then doesn't submit funds to PayPal or e-mail to say why they have not yet submitted funds to PayPal. Meanwhile, other narrowly outbid knitters might be satisfying themselves elsewhere. Horrors.

It seriously annoys me when an eight month old overhyped piece of my techno-craptic lifestyle gives up the ghost right in the middle of a Tom Waits song ("Jitterbug Boy?" I hadn't even listened to the whole album yet). Now all it does is give a horrendous whirring and clicking inside its metal and plastic shell.

Should I buy a $925 casket for my $400 paperweight?

I am being melodramatic, of course. I'm not throwing it out the window in frustration just yet; I have to read through Apple's three page repair contract and agree to their terms to schedule a repair service appt by mail.

So this should all be resolved rather quickly since e-mail tech support and the postal service are two entities well known for speed and efficiency.

Y'know, if it miraculously heals itself [and I know I'm not the only one to have a tech thing do that], or if they decide that the problem isn't their fault, they can charge me up to $100?

Maybe I should have bought one of these.

Rare knitting content: I'll be casting on a new supersecret project tonight.
Wow. Knitblogs are thrillin'. (yeah, okay, I know I should probably remove my blog from any knitting categories, but someday, some glorious day, I will have an FO to show. Someday.) It will involve felting, which I've never done before. And fun fur, which I've never used before. sounds doomed already, doesn't it?


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