Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who's up for a slub crawl? 

Sorry, slub was the only fiber-related rhyme I could could come up with.

I was thinking about touring the San Diego County local yarn stores. Using Heather Broadhurst's guide I came up with this potential hit list for Saturday. I figured we could meet up in the morning for coffee/tea and a nosh at Claire de Lune then do a tour. If we don't like a store, we leave toot sweet, if we like it, we stay and browse, whatever. Or if everybody was just there last week, we'll skip it. We don't stop 'til we've dropped. And even then...I've never actually done a pub crawl, but I believe that's the general mode of it.

9am-ish Claire de Lune, then wander over to the Nest on Kettner which opens at 10am.

Then shoot out on the 8 to Needleworks ("the Hooters yarn store" I've heard everybody call it. I've never been there, but I've heard terrible things and totally want to see for myself), then the Knitting Basket in Lemon Grove, Two Sisters in La Mesa, Lakeside Knits, out to Lori's Frames, Fibers & Frills in Alpine (I've been meaning to go there for ages) looping back from there into north county and Encinitas: Black Sheep & Common Threads, down to La Jolla to Knitting in La Jolla and Helga's Yarn Boutique and down to Needlecraft Cottage in PB and down to the Grove and a beer at the Whistlestop.

Sort of a pathetic attempt to do something in the face of all these jealous-making MS&W festival posts. Comment/e-mail me if you're into it.


The most fibery thing I've done in the last two days is knit a row in my hoodie, and untangle the skein that Titan chewed.

I ended up with two balls of perhaps 100 yds each and six smaller balls of varying lengths. I'll never know how he managed to tangle it so badly, as it was tied with figure eights at four points, but it's all straightened out now. I'm going to put it back on the wheel to add a bit of twist and reconnect the balls, because I hate short length skeins. Anything under a hundred yards and they're just f&ckin' with me.


A confession:
I've fallen in love with someone I work with. He's always happy to see me, he's not afraid to pee in public...his name is Snowball:

Can you believe this guy is tattooed? He doesn't look like a full-blooded greyhound, but there you go.


It's been beautiful lately, the kind of weather you should just lay on your back under a tree in the park with a book and enjoy.

What kind of a tree is that? I love the way its blossoms look after they've fallen and dried a little.

I think I'm going to try to recreate the colours in dyeing some skeins.


Random Stuff

File this under gross but cute.

On the subject of gross, but cute: I got my hoo-hah waxed. T'ain't my first time (get it? "t'ain't" --it's a pubic region pun!) but I'm always amazed at how UNSEXY brazilians are. They hurt, and they leave my skin irritated like this:

And the fur grows back pretty quickly. But so much softer and slower than shaving, or depilitating, or straddling the belt sander, so it's worth it.

I'm still looking for the perfect San Diego waxer though and am open to recommendations if anyone has 'em.


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