Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some Highlights of the Taos Area 

The road to Taos...

I want to live in the Fechin House.

Every piece of furniture is beautiful, and so intricate. The adobe walls are thick and the wood accents are so warm.

And have you ever heard of Millicent Rogers? More on her and the Museum later...

Down by Santa Fe, we had the treat of visiting some friends...


And this doesn't have anything to do with our vacation, but I found out why I've had so much trouble with my spacebar:

Note the real source of the trouble--I think--a safety pin which flicked out onto the keyboard after I popped the long key off. How the heck did a safety pin get under my spacebar? I'm just going to pretend that all that dog hair had nothing to do with anything, and maybe doesn't even exist...dog hair? What dog hair?


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