Monday, June 27, 2005

Yesterday I dyed, today I dried 

Here's some of a dyed 3.5 oz cowpat of merino/tussah silk:

I haven't a clue what weight I'll spin it at or if I'll ply it, but it dried to a nice Caribean sheen and colour, soft and fluid.

I also did two skeins of South African wool and a skein of Blue-faced Leicester in Mystery Flower colourway:

I did three different skeins in varying values to represent the different life stages of the blossom, but I did it from memory, and reviewing the pics I see I should have had more purple in the mix. I want to get some more white South African Fine to recreate the greens of the tree's leaves in this pic of the Mystery Flower:

I used to love BFL, but I really think I love South African Fine wool even more because it spins up so soft, yet strong and with a luster like Lincoln. Lots o' lanolin too. BFL just seems a bit spongier and less silky when I'm done with it. I could definitely tell the difference between the skeins. You can't really argue with Louet's prep either, I have yet to find a nep in their fibers.

Pictures of dried skeins and fiber to come, and perhaps an FO...though I wouldn't count on it.


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