Sunday, August 28, 2005


&"I wanna be like Rachael"

& "Support Our Troops" but not our administration 

So, I came out here to our plaster-dust-filled house to blog, edit photos and post new stuff to the etsy shop. And I forgot the camera. Erk.

Well, I have one pic of my favourite thing I did this week, part of a "variation of themes" thing, the dragonfly yarn I've been daydreaming about since the thought of actually selling my handspun first crossed my mind.

Click for a closeup.

Although, not exactly. It's like a bouclé collides with spiral meets binder for the sake of the bouclé and the spacing and order of it is completely irregular.

In some parts while plying the green wool to the blue silk I let the green go back over parts it had already plied with for a laced-up-corset-back slubby look.

In some parts it has spirals around the silk, in some parts it has the traditional loops of the bouclé, and in some (brief) parts, it looks like a regular silk wool flat kind of regular plying job.

When I applied the second strand of blue silk as a binder, I even played with the two-ply and made it double back and loop on the binder, so while it's locked in, it's very wild, without pattern, and unpredictable.

It's also the skooshiest bobbin of yarn ever, despite the inelasticity of the tussah silk.

There was meant to be more, but I ran out of room on the bobbin (I should have used my jumpo plying head but I only have one so it would have been a hassle to work out the logistics of applying the binder) and that's how I ended up with the relatively dull two-ply silk and wool.

Because the tussah silk is so unforgiving, even when plied, it makes the resultant yarn kind of "blah" next to its flashy sibling.

Anyway, here's where I treat you to a crappy scan of my original daydream of what I was going to make the yarn into until I decided to just have fun and play with it and see if I liked what I got.

Yeah,um, it's no doubt possible to do something like that, over and over, dragonfly after yarn dragonfly spaced by an inch or so of regular dull pied yarn, but it begs several questions:

Speaking of illicit drug use, I took the Sheriff's Radio Trainee (aka dispatcher wannabe) test Saturday and kicked its @ss. (If I may say so myself) But there's a background check which they warned us takes a minimum of four months to complete, so it's unlikely I'll see the inside of a training room before we transfer to Eureka.
Plus, my brief career as a crack whore will probably eliminate me anyway.
(okay, just in case my Dad or my background investigator have found this, may I just say, "I'm kidding. Duh." There, how's that for a level of professionalism.)
Actually, I really hope I get it because it a) pays well b) is a very transferable skill c) provides mucho knitting time on certain shifts. I also like that since it'll be for the Sheriff's Office, I won't embarrass Nick directly by being the moron trainee that he has to deal with, I'll only hear him occasionally on our channel, and that's okay with me.

In the meantime, I am totally freaking out about the website, the shopping cart, getting a merchant acct that won't gouge (3% + 30¢ each transaction really adds up) like Paypal but which will be user-friendly on both ends...although I'll really miss Paypal's "ship" function. I love me those pre-paid labels, because even though I know it eats up my paper and printer ink, I love on-line tracking which happens through that function for free, instead of the 60 or 85¢ it usually is when you stand in line at the PO. So far though, I haven't found anything cheaper than Paypal, and it's frustrating. With all these different things (state taxes, webhosting, mandatory co-op advertising, guild memberships, business licensing, merchant accounts) there's significant cost, and it makes me wonder how anyone makes a living while providing an affordable good.

So, to the last bit. I'm selling stickers. They haven't anything to do with the Lanas de Libélula fiber business portion of my life, because they do reflect my personal feelings about an unrelated matter. And ever since I made "Lanas" official in my head, I've felt hesitant to bring this up because I don't want it to drive people away but it is still how I feel and this is still my personal blog.

The large print is "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" because in San Diego, this is a mandatory sentiment. And I do, not just because my stepsiblings are both currently enlisted, but because I believe that each person in the military is a human being with their own reasons for being where they are, however they feel about it. And I can definitely empathise with that.

But here's the small print, the part I feel and the part that makes me angry when I think about this war:

It's a mild form of culture-jamming, and I have over two hundred of these things still left, so if anyone else wants one I'm selling them (have I mentioned lately that I'm unemployed?) for a buck each, but for every five you buy you get one free and free shipping. If you just want one, it's a buck for the sticker plus 60¢ for the shipping. The paypal button doesn't seem to work but you can do it through the Paypal website and send it to torta_de_tortuga at hotmail doodleydoocom.

In Knitting News

Hardly news really because of my snale-like pace, but I finished one sleeve of the Noro Butterlfy and am several inches into the second one. I deliberately began the sleeve cap shaping nearly two inches before directed and my row gauge is such that I get roughly one more row per inch than the gauge written, but STILL the sleeve is orangutan-long. No wonder the model looks so moody and beaten; they must have put her on the rack before they could get enough length to peek out of the sleeve.

It's a fun, easy knit, and even though it's the same thing over and over (this could easily be adapted to knit in the round), since it's my own variegated handspun it keeps me engaged enough that I'm enjoying it. The Tivoli knit with splitty Reynold's Gypsy cotton lies abandoned, somewhere, in the waist decreases phase.

I leave you with a picture of my step-brother shipping out on the Tarawa for WestPac...he's a handsome lad isn't he? Whaddya mean you can't tell which one he is? He's the handsome one!

They had to leave Australia early because some of the kids were naughty and came back without their shore-leave buddies. Even in the Navy, you never leave a man behind. Even at a bar with girls in his lap. Especially at a bar with girls in his lap.


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