Sunday, August 07, 2005


(not-so) Secret word of the day, it's weird how these things happen.

A fun day. I got to meet Hilari who has a very funny blog with all the crafty hook-ups. Go check out her pics of our outing--they're way better than mine.

And seriously, that Classic Elite pima cotton is so incredibly soft, it's amazing.

In a weird coincidence, Nick and I were also invited to two BBQs today. We didn't make it to our neighbor's, but we did make it to the other one (sort of), if only because they were Nancy's neighbor. Yeah, it's a small world that my husband's "graves" partner lives about a thousand feet from one of my favourite people. And her adorable little Chinese-dragon-faced-little-monkey-grrl.

We hit Village Yarn in Fallbrook (fun drive, scroll down for linky goodness if'n you want it), skipped Yarning for You (the local pooh-poohed it), and went to Black Sheep and Common Threads. Black Sheep has a sh*tload of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca (at $8.75/109yds!!!!) and Common Threads was having a sale. Guess which shop opened my tight little purse...

I think the hands-down personality favourite of the day was Village Yarns. We got to hold a puppy who smelled like a dirty bird.

I do have a pic proving conclusively that Heidi's bodacious tatas dwarf a 10 week-old long-haired dachsund puppy, but I'm saving that for a select group of fetishists with Paypal accounts...

It was a little odd, because we didn't get the sense she did a huge load of business, yet there was this:

amidst this:

Literally tons of acrylic, with precious yarn gems buried deep within the folds...

And if you ever wondered, "When you undergo radiation treatment for cancer, do you lose all your hair?"
She answered that for us definitively: Yes.
In a clump.
When you get up one night for a piss you'll find it all in your panties.


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