Friday, August 05, 2005

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 

So, Sunday's the day for the North County San Diego Yarn Crawl. We're going to start from Nancy's house (shoot her an e-mail for directions) meeting about noonish.

I've done some recon (using, as always Heather's super-useful and up-to-date walkaboutknitter site) and found that while two of the shops (Antique Yarn Shop in Poway and Noble Knits in Oceanside) don't have Sunday hours, we still have some fun driving and yarn fondling potential. No clue which we'll start with, but here are the shops on the list:

Village Yarn in Fallbrook. She doesn't have posted hours, but she said to call before we came and she'd be there for us. BTW, she mentioned that through September she's having a 25% off sale, and she does sell through the web if you can't make it or aren't local. From Nancy's house Yahoo has it at a 22 mile, 50 minute trip. I'll bet we make it in half that (if you have pets or small children between Oceanside and Fallbrook, I suggest you keep them inside on Sunday ;)).

Yarning For You, in San Marcos, is open 11am-4pm on Sundays and only ten miles from Nancy's, so we may start there instead. Don't know.

Then there's Black Sheep and Common Threads down in Encinitas, open from noon 'til five on Sundays. We'll see how far we get, and I'm really looking forward to it.

++++Fiber Stuff++++

The first sweater I ever knit was from Filatura di Crosa Plume that I bought from the Yarn Lady's bag-sale bin at my first (and only) Stitches West experience.

It was a simple turtleneck from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits (still the best beginner's learn to knit/beginner's knit book I've seen for jumping right into making something) and I never got around to taking a pic of it. I used the Plume doubled, and it was floppy and oversized and comfy. I wore the sweater every once in a while but didn't wear it too often because it seemed to me that every time I washed it, the Plume seemed more bedraggled and not as soft.

Until the day I had the bright idea to fluff it in the dryer. After all, it was only 45% wool. But "fluffing it" coincided with the need of another load to be dried, so it went in with some darks on low, and I had to go somewhere (can't remember where now, of course) so I just left it in there.

And now I have a nice warm sweater which just might possibly be large enough to fit a three year old. Once I put in a half-zip at the neck so that a toddler's disproportionately large noggin can fit through, anyway. It felted up so nice and thick, it should be very warm and nearly windproof--hooray for The Dulaan Project!

Otherwise, I might feel kind of bummed.

The sweater sez, "I won a trip to Mongolia! Wheeeeeee!"

I finally got around to counting the wraps of the green faux Noro. Holy cow, I got 906 yards to the pound, only two yards off my spinning of the blue pound. I'm pretty happy with that. Here's the whole fake fandamily, a two pound, 1,814 yard pyramid:

And here's where I'm at with my TivoliT:

Look at that expanse of stockinette.

I'm really wishing I did something cool and engaging with it like Gidget Casts On, but at the rate I knit, if I ripped back, by the time I got back to the part I'm at now, where you try it on and start the fashion decreases if it's just above the bottom of your breasts/bra, I'd have to knit three more inches.
(Because my tits would have sagged in the time interval, just to spell it out.)

So, it makes a good knitting while reading project just the way it is.


The Nanny Diaries--talk about a book that makes you want to punch a main character in the face.

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk--it's got a really neat hook, but all the story-tellers tell their stories in the same style so it kind of falls flat. Although, I guess you could argue they all sound the same because they are the same, because, deep down, we're all the same animal, man....oooh...whatever. There's a great gross-out in the beginning with Saint Gut-Free's story.

Appaloosa by Robert Parker--Tell me again, why the hell do I keep reading his stuff? But I do, so obviously, whatever it is, it's my problem. At least they're over pretty quickly. And it was better than Guman's Rhapsody. I couldn't even choke a quarter of that thing down.

Next, finishing The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver.


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