Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I think I sense a color theme... 

On a personal business note:

I didn't have a ton of money for an order so I only dyed a bit of it and left a lot undyed in case others wanted to do their own color love on it.

I've never had faith in my reproducibility of colors, but this recent spate has...well, given me false faith. Even though I randomised my stupid little heart out, with no notes, I ended up with the same colorways throughout various materials.

First, you have to sit through a dog pic, because that's this blog's version of trial-by-fire:

That's Snowball, dreaming among the detritus of what used to be a guest bedroom and is now the Lanas de Libélula "warehouse." I'd prefer not to have him in there, but he whines and cries and makes me lose count on the niddy-noddy otherwise. He just needs to be where I am. I've created a love monster. The bag and the box of cylindrical things is the buttload of dyes Heidi gave me, because she is an amazing, generous person, and (maybe just a little bit) in the throes of that moving panic where you give away the old box of tools but end up moving boxes full of saran wrap and tennis balls. ahem, or maybe that's just our style, i dunno.

Okay, now here's some of the point.
Sorry, some of these pics don't really show the color too well because they're a little too dark.

Here's a pic of my work basket:

And here are the colorways of fiber and millspun yarn I hope to have posted online for sale soon.

A wintery, looking toward fall, merino-silk blend:

On top is the green superwash for a dog sweater --oh yes, Nancy, oh yes!--

These are nylon fibers (Louet's "icicle") which take up dye quite nicely and are actually very soft (but very scattery)--softer than Firestar, and finer.

And because I am still enthusiastic and freaked out about this entrepreneurial thing, and only have a pathetic jr. high ROP accounting background, I find this making me miss, once again, living in the Bay Area. A holistic approach to accounting. Therapy and finance, you betcha, so SF I could plotz. (ooh, I think I exceeded my regional voices allowance there).


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