Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tales of a LYS 

Okay, remember Mike Meyers Coffee Talk voice? Please hear that Brooklyn Barbra voice for this next bit:

[Me]:"Le Stitch, this is Wendy, how can I help you?"

[Brooklyn Barbra from Bonita]:"Hello? I bought some mow-hair there and I'm knitting it and the pattern says, "See Oh Two-Six on You Ess Thirteen parenthesis Nine em em. What does that mean? Should I use the larger or the smaller size?"

It means that you should come in so I can show you how almost every needle made and distributed in the US has the brand name, the US size, and the needle's diameter in millimeters printed, stamped, embossed, engraved, whatevered onto it.
And then I can poke you with them, you silly cow.

Another call:
"Do you have afghan yarn? I'm making an afghan and do you have a silvery gray yarn?"

Um, yeah? We have lots of different yarns, lots of different colors (it is, after all, a LYS), so, um, maybe, yeah? Then the caller came in (disguised as a ribbed scarf knitter who had forgotten how to bind off and also needed to know how [and whether] to do fringe) and she seems really intent on recreating the exact patterned afghan her mother made.

Which I might try to make fun of, but it's sad really as she's not alone.

There seem to be lots of boomer generation ladies coming in, learning to knit, all to recreate the exact same ratty afghan their mother or grandmother made for them. I guess it's the whole wonderwoman thing--the career, the owned home, the nice cars, the forgotten "feminine arts?" Something they missed, a little nostalgia for a path not taken? I don't know, but it's not uncommon. Lots of stories of special blankets pass through the LYS.

Anyway, here are some pics of the stuff I've been up to:


This is that laceweight plied in different directions for experiments in making cabled yarns. We have three colorways, from L to R: blue/green, pink/muted purples, and "Hi, welcome to McDonald's can I take your order?"

Some knitting on personal time, the back of Noro's Butterfly:

Some dyeing (not blue and green!) on thick and thin millspun wool:

And my favorite, a stormy sky at night on a full moon type colorway:

I am so excited for this Sunday and Nancy's shindig. AND, I finally have a buyer for Audrey which is funny as I just dropped her off on Sunday at Jessica's place.

But, Susan's not in a hurry to pick it up, so Jessica has plenty of time to get used to/sick of the wheel and I've got lots of time to jinx the deal.

Because I love having half a closet taken up by reproachful (but prettily carved) bits of wood.


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