Friday, October 21, 2005

FOs which don't belong to me. And some UFOs too. 

I apologise sincerely in advance for the intensely crappy photography despite my overendowed camera. If you want to see beautiful photos on a knitblog, go here.

I just want to prove that I do still knit, since I didn't knit as much as I expected to in PDX (what all the hepcats call Portland, don'tcha know) and had no personal FO to show upon return. Here are some things I've done for the local shop between attempting to coerce old ladies to actually buy something not just ask my opinion on every single ball of yarn in the shop and how it would knit up in X stitch pattern paired with Y yarn and how much would be needed to make Z project...and two hours later, walking out with nothing.
Enjoy the free a/c Mrs. Wilson!


Here's a pic of the most Tedious Shawl Ever.

What's so wrong with me that I knit this pattern to spec but ended up with two untouched balls of Nubbles and barely into the second two $12/ball Iceland colors out of the shawl kit?
Yeah, well, YMMV, I guess. Hmmmm...cough ($100 kits)...cough, cough.

Foliage is actually a pretty cool Berrocco yarn. It's almost half wool! Gasp!

It's a patttern I made on the fly to show how the yarn knit up and the hat could fit an adult and used less than one ball. And it was fast. Somehow, knitting st st in the round is much less tedious than garter in the flat. Dunno why.

I've shown an in-progress pic of this awhile back:

This is a scarf done in CP's kid merino and Dragonfly. Started with three or four rows of the Dragonfly, switched to km as MC with a little intarsia of the Dragonfly to carry it along the sides, occasionally carrying it across and knitting it three stitches along the side.
It's my lame version of a necklace scarf, a pink and black punk scarf (sans safety pins).
Scale is hard to see, it's about four inches wide and five feet long.
Um, yeah.
It definitely needs to have the crap blocked out of it. On the to-do list, I guess.

And just to get the pink and black out of our system, here's this truly awful photo of a hat I'm actually quite proud of:

It's a kid's cabled hat, though it fits my noggin snug-wise. The black edging is a sc, the cables are diminishing as it decreases and I made it up as I went along. That Sirdar hoody I made waybackwhen made me love cabled ribbing as a function/style thing. I used less than a ball each of the pink and black Iceland, and I've got cabled gauntlets using the leftovers on my to-do list. I was going to write up the pattern for the shop but my chicken scratch notes on it disappeared. C'est la vie. I could read my knitting, but, meh.

This next one is still in progress, and not all the knitting is mine. I showed the LYSO owner how to knit it and she fell in love with how fast a "drop stitch" pattern is, so she's been working on it as well:

It's the "Ollie" scarf made of Quest out of the Berrocco pattern book with the woman and the dog in matching outfits made of Air on the cover.
Yeah, that one.
Anyway, here "drop stitch" really means "drop extra wraps from previous row" which is understandably not as catchy, but a little more clear.

Anyway, since I saw how well the LYSO was doing with it, I felt free to start something new from GGH's Super Kid Mohair. Coincidentally, I chose the ruffled scarf from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop which in the book is made from Berrocco's Quest.
OOooooohh. Okay, not really much of a twilight zone moment, but in the shop, we have to make our own excitement.
I guess.
Between the old lady action and all.

It's addictive, this little fuzzy short row mohair thing.

Three wedges in this pic, but by the time I left for the day I had a corkscrew of about six inches. It's fun --I used a US11 to get gauge. And, the mohair still sheds, but not like the Quest, and not like a lot of the mohair yarns out there do, much less 'cuz of that chain stitch construction.
Which can only be done really by machine. Sigh. But it's soft, and I'm looking forward to feeling it all knit up and coiled around my neck like a foofy-snake.

Even if it has to stay in Bonita.


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