Monday, November 14, 2005

I throw myself upon the mercy of the tech gods 

I suddenly have a little piece of javascript that is appearing in the header between the style tags of all my pages. At first, I thought it was just the pages I had created, that it had something to do with my host. Then I started looking at the source for EVERY web page I visit and I see the nasty little bugger there too.

<script language='javascript' src=''> </script>

It doesn't seem to do anything but eat img src tags.

When I view this blog, I see only 6 of the numerous blog buttons, and it ate all the pics of my stuff in stock on my shop pages...but is it just me? Can you see yummyyarn's button?

When I view the page source, the img src tags are missing from the ones I can't see...so it makes sense that I can't see them, but these are not changes I made.

I can re-imput all the missing img src tags, but it just eats them again, and I never stuck this thing up there to begin with, and don't know how to get rid of it, and don't know where the hell it's from. I just want it to go away (and know how to kill it if it tries to come back).

I would think it was spyware, but I've run ad-aware and that hasn't stopped it. I see it in IE, I see it in Mozilla.


It's driving me b@t$h!t. It's not a long drive for me to Guanoland, but still, please, please help if you can.


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