Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Knitting Post 

Well, I was making my mom something for her birthday, but predictably, I didn't finish it in time. I gave her a pantload of locally produced organically grown lavender products instead.

But I showed it to her anyway and have told her it will be a Christmas present. Although, honestly, I'll give it to here when it's done, because I have a hard time waiting for Christmas to give presents.

So now I'm feeling free to post pics of it here.

The start of a Clapotis, one ball gone, a new one just attached, and three stitches dropped.

I had a hard time capturing the color in the pics and my photo editor hasn't been much help. Here's a swatch of it which represents the colors well though:

It's the Louet 50/50 silk/wool yarn, handpainted just for this purpose, just for my Mom. I love working with this stuff; shiny, soft, a little bit of bounce, it makes the Clap just fly.

Well, that and that "Magic Book Clip" thingy.

I'm terrible at estimating how long it takes me to make something. Some days I don't knit, or I'll knit but I won't spin, spin but not knit, just read, waste a lot of time on the computer...I know according to the blog that I started it on the 15th, but I couldn't tell you how much actual time it's taken. I can estimate though that it has taken Twice Shy by Dick Francis, Harry Potter IV and half of the fifth HP book to get to here:

That's the second ball gone, about nine stitches dropped, and the third and final skein awaiting balling next to it. I'm omitting a repeat in the third section so I should be on track to have just enough yarn. Fingers crossed ;).


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