Friday, November 18, 2005


I finished the Noro Butterfly once and for all last Thursday. I kept forgetting to ask Nick to take pics, then, when we finally did, some shadows cast on the knit garment made them kind of useless. So I submit only slightly less crappy photos taken in a hallway with a timer under the close supervision of the dogs. (The current treat cache is contained in the nearby cupboard).

Even though I started sleeve cap shaping about two inches before instructed (like everybody else I've seen in blogland who knit the Noro Butterfly) I ended up with mondo-long sleeves (like everybody else I've seen in blogland who knit the Noro Butterfly) but I think it looks just as good when the sleeves are cuffed (like everybody else I've seen in blogland who knit the Noro Butterfly) so it's all good.

I crocheted along the front but didn't really like it, so I pulled it out and knit two five or six garter stitch strips about 18" long and sewed them up the front and along the collar.

I really like how it turned out.
It kind of cleaned up the line and gave me a solid spot to attach the closure to, and although I think that perhaps the jaggedness of the knit was what first appealed to me about the lines, this makes it a bit less trendy and more er, jackety. Yeah. I'm not much of a designer. I just know what I like. Sometimes I even like it after I've knit it. Sometimes.

While I like how my handspun faux Noro knit up, if I was going to spin up more fake Noro I'd do it differently. I would dye up the colors solid in different little batches, divide them evenly, and then spin them up. I think dyeing a variegated roving, I ended up with a nice result, but not one which accurately mimicked the Noro in anything but gauge.

It's comfy, and it's warm, and it's been about 85°F around here lately, so it hasn't done much but be modeled for craptastic photo shoots.

Hey, if you are an independent crafter, and you want to be on the LdL links page, drop me a line. I know there are a ton more of youse crafty types out there I dig, but I'm spaazing about putting together a solid links list. I just keep blanking.

Also, if you bought any handspun from me and you've made something with it, let me know if you'd like to be part of a handspun FO gallery I've got planned.

Speaking of crafty fun, have you guys seen this? Very cool. LoriO sent me the link a while back and I filed it away as something to look at more in depth when I had time, then Amy refreshed my memory today. It's really fun to browse all the neat stuff, and it benefits greyhounds, hooray!

Snowball has learned how to get on the couch and bed all by himself. And he's got "sit" pretty much down. The housetraining...well, we're having a relapse on that one. Thank goodness for modern chemistry and Bissell. But how could I not love this face?

I'm working on developing a knit wool doggie "soaker" pattern.

No, not really.


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