Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Power of the Internet(s) 

Caroline found the exact "Book Magic" (that was the silly name I was thinking of) doo-dad and Inky linked in the comments to something only different in shaping of the front T. Fast results and freedom from fear of losing it and not having a replacement, hooray for the internet and great schmartypantses like you guys!

I know I mentioned iGive.com in passing before, but since the holidays are coming up and since I do almost all my shopping online (I just don't like malls. My MIL told me I "have issues" [with same inflection as "you are a pile of shit"] but strangely, it didn't change how I feel about malls. Nick and I were walking through Fashion Valley and passed two girls and overheard, "Well we hate everybody who shops there, so whatever." and that comic moment kind of encapsulates why I don't like malls/mall culture. Plus, they are designed to keep you inside the structure as long as possible so you'll spend more money, the architecture often makes getting out in a hurry difficult. Try to get off the top floor of Horton Plaza in under five minutes, and unless you started right by one of the two stairwells, good luck. How do you feel about being trapped in a crowded mall during an earthquake/shooting/worst case scenario? It's southern California, after all. Anything can happen. And maybe I'm just a smidge paranoid. ;P) I thought I'd pass the link along.

Almost every place I've spent money at online is there, with the exception being the little independent crafters, although finding a specific shop is sometimes a little clunky, as a search of a store name brings up a lot more than just the shop link.

You can look through shopping categories too, if you know what you want but don't know where you want to buy it.

And unless you download their shopping window, you have to click through to the store's site through iGive's site.

But once you are at the shop's site, it's just like normal, except that the shop donates a percentage of your purchase to an iGive account in the name of a charity you designate and once more than $25 is accumulated, they send a check to your charity. You don't pay any extra, (I guess there are even tax deductions available) and they have a lot of special coupon codes and deals available through their partnership with iGive.

So, anyway, I think it's pretty cool. Buy the stuff you would anyway, but your charity gets a piece of the pie too.


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