Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Food 

I love brussels sprouts.

Butter, garlic, salt, pepper and happiness.

Pasta Pomodoro, a restaurant chain in the SF bay area specialising in inexpensive, fast, but good italian food is dog friendly, and it was there I discovered that Tahoe and I both love brussels sprouts. He and I split one of their huge plates, it was the first time eating them for both of us, and sometimes I still share mine with him.

I love how they look like doll cabbages.

Eat your Fiber

I've been dyeing in tiny batches here and there, and plan to have a big fat shop update in the new year. I was really happy with this sock yarn:

It made me think of Superman's underwear. But I just couldn't live with this:

There's color there in the transition, but it's just too weak, it really counts as a dye void. I have some skeins of Lorna's Laces (that blue and yellow) that has voids at the transitions (pretty necessary if you don't want green) but I hate them. I didn't get very far on the sock I started, although it might have also had something to do with it being a gigantic ugly spiral rib tube sock...

I re-wetted and filled the void with violet & purple, and it's quite different, but I quite like it. Um, but I don't have a pic. So just picture deep scarlet, wine, violet, luminescent turquoise tints.

Heads up Locals!

How about doing the critter crawl on the 8th? I haven't contacted them yet, but it's a Sunday, say midday? We could meet somewhere semi-central and work out transportation from there.


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