Friday, December 23, 2005

The Post I Would Have Posted 

But first off, "feed a fever, starve a cold" or "feed a cold, starve a fever?" I can never remember which it is. But it's a moot point as I technically have The Plague.
No, not really, just that crappy tenacious cold that's making the rounds.
Hooray for Ricola. Boo Theraflu.

Anyway, here's Snowball dreaming about May:

He's head over heels in love, nyuck, nyuck.
(If you guys have any good ideas for bridal shower activities, head over to May's and give her a holler. I only know what NOT to do.)

And here's my beet-booby:

Organic purple on the outside, bloody red inside:

It was one of those things that started out bad and got trimmed to worse, but I like it--it's "arty." And good for drinking tea.

And I forgot to mention that the weaving sampler will be handspun and either naturally colored or plant-dyed...And as far as being too low an aim, Ms. Absinthe, I'm still not even a third done spinning for the Rogue I started this dang blog for, so I've got to aim low, lest I disappoint mahself. Besides, it's the one in the book, and it'd make a nice bag, like they say. The biggest thing might be getting around to building it.

And another thing I forgot to mention is that I actually have an FO.

I bought Penny, some lovely handspun yarn from June and knit it into Amy's Lady cap, even though I look like absolute crap in hats.

The yarn is supersoft and a total bargain, June spins a beautiful yarn, and Amy writes a great pattern.

I had to do more pattern repeats because of the vast difference in row gauge, and knit it on US5s because my head is wee, but those were the only changes, except for my inevitable messups. A lot of this hat was knit in little spurts, waiting my turn to shoot pool, waiting in line, sitting at the wrong Coffee Bean...

Geez, I look so frickin' disproportional, but I like it anyway. It's soft and green, and that's what matters. If I only knit things I'd look good in, well, I shouldn't follow that line. Mistakes have been made.

I read Melissa Banks The Wonder Spot yesterday. Meh. Worst author photo ever too.

Although, I love the phrase "porn-long and log-wide," so I guess I did get something out of it after all. And anything is better than Clive Cussler. ;P


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