Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Flash 

Nancy wants us to flash our stash, so I am. Here on flickr, 'cuz there's a limit to even my willingness to torture other people with crappily lit photos overexposed in the photoeditor. One big pic is missing of my worsted weight stuff, I took the pic but can't find it, but it's just more of the same: oddballs mostly which speak of lots of hats or samplers, with the exception of ten skeins of Noro Cash Iroha I kettle-dyed quite badly when we lived in Oakland. I have a project in mind but I can't find my size 8 Denise needle-tips. Plus, as you'll see, I have a lot of UFOs on the line already.

I'm going to order the Opal later today--it looks like it's going to be fern & teal, talk about kickin' @ss and takin' names!

fern & teal: 18
sage & fern: 9.5
fern & caribeann blue: 5
shamrock & c. blue: 3
write-in candidate sage & teal: 2
and last, with only one vote: sage & c. blue

Thanks for the help guys! With all those combinations, I could have been flipping coins for hours (Heidi has witnessed my very rational decision-making process).

Have a good weekend!


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