Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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Select 5 people to tag (suckers!): No really, I know these things are akin to chain letters and they take some time, but there's nothing like direct questions to learn more about folks.

Lori (maybe after you get back from HI, if you feel like it?), Kirsten, May (congratulations on the good show!), Cristina and Ande, I tag you, but please don't hate me, I only do it 'cuz I like ya, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Senior year in high school--lots of surfing. Not a lot of studying. I was too smart for that (rolling eyes).

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Working at Greyhound Adoption Center, begging our landlord to let us have a foster dog thus bending La Mesa's two dog per household limit laws, starting to entertain the idea of selling my handspun/making a business of this passion, and trying to retain the conversational level of Spanish I had (I really should have kept that up, it's almost all gone, or at least, not easily accessible in the old bean). Coincidentally, January of last year is when Jasper first came into our lives, and he spent the night last night, a trial run for him staying with us for about ten days in February while his mom goes to Hawaii.

What were you doing 1 hour ago?

I was with Nick in Target getting a 16 qt crockpot for his new hobby.

List five creative things you want to achieve this year:

Design my own cabled sweater, learn to weave, spin and knit a sweater for Nick from the merino possum blend Mom brought back for us from NZ, start writing again, learn to use local natural dyes, although I'd also like an indigo vat in the garage. Mmmmm...love that rat widdle scent.

List five snacks you enjoy:

Peanut butter toast, cottage cheese, satsumas, figs, booty.

List five things you would do if money were no object:

  • I would really like to have a huge patch of land with facilities for animal hospitals and shelters, onsite living facilities for staff and volunteers. If money was no object, this is what I dream of: a thousand or so acres with organic fields and groves, solar power, water power, wind power, facilities to house rescued animals (wild and domestic), and housing for all the support staff. A place where battered or misplaced people could come and learn a skill, be it handicrafts made from the fiber of rescued animals, farming, cottage industry business, solar/wind technology, eco-building, cooking, maintenance, vet tech, behavior modification through positve reinforcement rehabilitation of abused/neglected animals (and people), organic sustainable agriculture--any of the many things which would be part of the daily running of such a big operation, their children could receive both classroom and practical educations, and since money is no object we could pay to have the best vets, teachers, trainers, sustainable agriculture, technology, therapists, and security. It could be a self-sustaining organisation, growing all its food, powering itself, selling the extra goods and since money is no object, I dream of an endowment which would generate enough interest to take care of the payroll and maintenance money bit, any gaps between the dream and reality of self-sustainability. Think Best Friends really hippified out to rehab people and animals, be self-sustaining, and having a UCDavis extension school of veterinary medicine. ;P

    I think I probably used up my five things on that dream, but here's the ugly flipside, just in case people start thinking I'm all warm and fuzzy.

  • I would also like to have my own SEAL-type teams which would locate puppy mill owners and operators and execute them with extreme prejudice. Quickly, painlessly, but still, dead and sending a message. People who have also bred "unpapered" litters or bred any animal they weren't prepared to love and care for the rest of its life should no suitable owner up to that same challenge present themselves, would also have to watch their backs. People who participate in dog fighting and racing...well, you get the picture. I would also pay for a lot of lobbyists and politicians to make dog racing illegal and penalties for animal cruelty much harsher and spread the money around to get the laws enforced. Lots of education in the schools about spaying, neutering, the responsibilities of pet ownership. Lots of money to vet schools, lots of money to shelters--every shelter should be able to have a facility like our own San Diego Humane Society or the aforementioned Best Friends and be able to focus on their mission, not "development."

  • Um, on a slightly smaller scale, Nick and I would get our pilot's licenses and multi-engine ratings and buy a Caravan and travel the world with the dogs.

  • I'd buy a warehouse type space and have an actual cafe/tapas bar in one section (maybe upstairs) and washing machines for felting, twenty different types of wheels for demonstrations, fiber galore, yarn and needles, a dye studio, a bangin' book section, and lots of comfy places to just hang out and have a good time.
    And a firehouse pole, I've always wanted one of those.

  • Cancer research, diabetes, autism, inner city education, afterschool and job programs, programs like heifer.org, try to fix Africa, try to save the people in Pakistan from freezing to death; if money is no object, there are lots of good ways to spend it.

    List five bad habits:

    I leave really rambling voice mail messages. I spend way too much time on the computer. I am an untidy housekeeper, even though I love it when I keep it clean, same with going to the gym and being fit, I do things sometimes which seem perversely self-destructive.

    List five things you like doing:

    Snuggling with the dogs and Nick, breathing in their warm sleeping smell. Reading. Spinning. Dyeing with no real plan in mind. Running (when I am in shape).

    List five favorite gadgets:

    Spinning wheel, my TDI, the ipod, this infernal machine, my Swingline.

    Name one thing you like about yourself:

    That even though Libelula is pure evil, I can still find it in my heart to love her.

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