Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Opinions desired most greatly please! 

I want to make this:

and do the very rare thing (for me) of actually knitting it with the yarn (Gems Opal) it's designed for. But I can't decide what color combo to go with.

sage and fern?

shamrock and caribeann blue? (c. blue is not so aquatastic on the sample card as this pic indicates, but still, this combo is pretty bright!)

sage and c. blue?

fern and teal?

fern and c. blue?

I've also decided to go ahead and order a 100gr 5 skein bag of Euroflax Originals in shamrock (it's a more subdued color in linen) for this baby

the "Wear Everywhere Pullover," which I've been wanting to knit since I first saw it. Allhemp6 and Euroflax Originals are both 16 wpi, so there's not much risk involved there. And I can't really tell you why I find it so appealing. I may just have a thing for the model.

I know I'm not supposed to buy more yarn, but this is for store samples. Yeah, that's it, store samples. Suuuuure.


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