Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blog Envy 

You know which blog just blows me away? See Eunny Knit!. If you are reading this, you probably already read hers, but just in case...she rocks on tutorials, I tellya.

I like the self-striping yarn one in particular, most likely because the day before I ran across it, I was looking at a book on the subject in Barnes & Noble and thinking, "Huh, way to make something fun appear needlessly complicated in the guise of making it Simple & Fun!®," burying relevant info needlessly, when Eunny's tutorial posts the salient points of the process, adds nicely lit pics and bam. Good info. Free.

I should think of something bad to say so I don't sound like an ad, but I can't.

So...look, a dog!

Greg, Snowball's brother, who now lives in NM.

Anybody up for the Whistlestop this weekend?

And how about the third Saturday this month for the Santa Monica roadtrip (LUSH, wildfibers, lunch)? Since Heidi's got something this Saturday, and Hilari's mom won't let her play with us next weekend.


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