Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am blogging from my couch 

Yes, I bought a laptop, and I bought a wireless router, and now...I can blog from our couch, which smells as if someone has lifted their leg on it. Hooray for spending!
Boo for marking.

No, really, I bought it for several good rationalisations:

Knitting Olympics Update

I cast on Sunday morning for the body and am now on row 43 of the chart. That only means something to one of you out there.

I got a fair bit of knitting done in my Entrepreneur Business class.

While the professor read to us from a 13 year old handout and later, and we watched a program so old Robert Mitchum looked sexy presenting it, I knit.

This class is an embarrassment to the education system.

I'll take the easy A though, thanks. (Good lord I'd better get an A now having said that, eh? [We watched curling today (YAY!) Go Canada!]).

Uncles & Bugs

My uncle's pretty involved with the Desert Botanical Garden (my aunt and he went on a trip to Oaxaca with them for Día de Los Muertos and saw some natural dyeing methods used with the rug weaving in Teotitlán del Valle Nick and I were green over missing) and he brought me a magazine that had HOW TO MAKE AND USE NATURAL DYES emblazoned on the cover.

Unfortunately, the "how" was "research local natural sources used for dyeing. Make note of the dye source's toxicity to ensure the plant is not poisonous."

Seriously. Not too informative, nativeplants Winter 2005. But they did have a picture of the leaf of a cactus, and the cochineal insect. And _pow_ a lightbulb went off.

Heidi, remember this?

When we visited The Lavender Fields and walked around the property, we noticed that the cacti were infested with these nasty looking white pustules. We wondered what the heck they were.

Well, now we know! It's funny because if I'd ever googled cochineal in an images search I would have seen examples of it, but I thought I knew what cochineal looked like, right? 'Nuff said. But, I also wondered why I've never seen these guys on any of the bajillion prickly pear cactus plants aound San Diego, and now it turns out that I have. I wonder if The Lavender Fields would let me collect some?


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