Monday, March 06, 2006

All the pictures that were missing from previous posts 

It's been very strange for me to not bombard this blog with photos, but I haven't put a photo processing program on the laptop and it has become very much my favorite mode of webcommunication.
I bought a heavily discounted Adobe creative package from gradware.com, so I'm looking forward to being utterly confused by the professional wonder that is photoshop.

I call this pic "The difference between caring and not caring."
The alpaca roving I bought had vm every inch, and snarly unaligned neppy bits every foot or so, and for the first bobbin I spun of it I kept tweezers on my knee and picked out every little bit and carefully drafted and spun at a fairly consistent grist...and life's too damn short to pick out THAT much vm, stopping and starting, stopping and starting.
So I didn't do that for the next one I spun.

Then I plied them together, bits of vm sticking out be danged.

Here's the pic of dried skeins, dyed with cochineal and logwood in the roaster. The cochineal is the pink, the logwood is the purple. I moved stuff around a bit, so there was a fair bit of blending.

LtoR: superwash sockyarn, mohair/silk yarn, bombyx silk yarn, 50/50 wool/silk yarn, 100% wool yarn. The superwash behaved much as it does with acid dyes, really sucking up the color.

Here's a pic of them after washing. The first wash had quite a lot of color come out, but by the second rinse, the water was clear and I couldn't see any pink, so I think that's the final color. ;)

LtoR: wool, silk, superwash wool, wool/silk, mohair/silk

I know these pics are bad, but I'll have close-ups and better pics as part of a tutorial series on the shop blog. I'm very happy with the results, and I've started stinking up the house with indigo.

Starting to look like something someone can wear...button placement is not final. Still left to do: the collar, attaching sleeves to body, button attachment, seamstress hook installation, sewing down of hems. Look for it as an FO sometime next year...

The color in the pic is not right, it's a fabulous green, not lime green.

I bought the buttons at the Alamitos Bay Yarn Co., the only thing I bought in the midst of the knitting meetup frenzy.


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