Thursday, March 09, 2006

Of for F------Sakes* 

She's at it again. I don't think my mind is easily boggled, but it is bloggled. Thas' a seriously cool blog she's got goin' on. It's a nice mix of tech, great photography, excellent knitting (damn fast knitting!) and nice clean lines like MJ's. A clean well-lighted place in the blogworld, so to speak.

Also, if you like You Knit What?! and Jessica's Thursday feature and Stitchy McYarnpants' Museum of Kitschy Stitches, you'll dig Threadbared.

And have you seen the Lucia's Zig and Zag Sockulator? It's a a chevron pattern like the Jaywalkers, but you can adapt it to your own gauge easily calculated. Pretty cool. And she's got a forum going now, in case Knitter's Review feels too crowded. Though the LYS owner forum there is excellent reading.

Okay, enough talking about other people

How big is too big a knitting mistake? Something that you'll notice every time you put it on but other people...maybe not? Just a slight asymmetry?

I was knitting something, realised a mistake, ripped back to the area to correct it, corrected it...and in the process forgot to do another bit of shaping within the section. Ripped back, and the Olympics began, so I left it on the stitch holder. Started over 18 days later and...d'oh! Forgot the other half of the shaping. So, ripped back, and...d'oh, one extra stitch where it shouldn't be. In sportweight, like the bicolor cardi, not a big deal, but this is Gatsby we're talking here. Which is getting decidedly ragged from the ripping. So I'm leaving it the way it is. We can play spot the mistake later.

Also, part of the requirement for buying from gradware.com is to submit a student identification with current stickers/notation and preferrably with photo--if you don't have photo, you have to submit it separately. Anyway, I didn't have one, but I still wanted the software at a third of the retail price so...

may I present my worst photo ID picture ever?

Me and Nick Nolte got the same publicist, yo.

Anyway, maybe it's because they're based in Cali, but my gradware order got here before they've even charged the card.

Speaking of The Card, you should listen to To the Point's "Drowning in Debt" episode. It's very much a snapshot program (ergo, "to the point") but still, hear it as an alarm call. It's funny, Nick and I are almost moderately politically liberal,( I was going to say "ridiculously" politically liberal, but that is only judged by the scale of pseudo-republicanism visible in the present democratic agenda, so I thought I'd characterize ourselves more accurately over time...) but at the same time, so fiscally conservative. In theory anyway. (on my part, Nick is clean in this).

It's kind of crazy though, the US gov't takes 10-25%, your church or charity takes 10% and you really do need to save 10%. How much faith do you have in Social Security or your company pension?
It looks like a lot of disposable income isn't so disposable after all.


I haven't worked a stitch on the bicolor cables since I last posted, I just haven't felt like it. Finishing syndrome/fear of fug, whatevvah. It's Modesitte, so the fug isn't a factor. She doesn't do fug. Wait, does she?

I think it was Nancy who asked me about the boring factor of the stockinette. The boring part is the sleeves. The body is fun, there's something to do every other row, it's not just business as usual. I just have a fear of finishing. Kudos to IK for publishing a pattern that is simple, but pretty, and intelligent.


What do you think of the iron cross? My kneejerk reaction based on my east county San Diego location is "skinhead." There's a clothing/sticker/wtf company that's actually local that uses the iron cross and the word "skin" in gothic script, and I'm sorry, but nothing makes me want to put on my little green liberal jackboots more than this. Yeah, they support local churches and little leagues...but d@mn it makes me mad. Am I being oversensitive? It bugs me that a clothing company with a title of "Skin Empire" using a combination of german reich symbols and "skin" is prospering...and supporting worthy causes. Maybe I'm just jealous of their grassroots redneck success? Nah, I don't think so. Why? Of all the symbols/ideas out there, why the combination of iron cross/skin if it isn't a racist agenda?

more random

Hey, no more joking about jury service. I just got freakin' served. What the hell? I'm married to a peace officer, they have to know that I won't trust a g------ word the state witnesses are sayin'. ;p
At least, not without a hell of a lot of harrassing and ball-scrunchin'. I can tell if a man is fibbing when I have his testicles en mi mano. And somehow, I don't think the justice system has such an allowance, let alone my own digestive system.

Speaking of justice systems...The Three Burials of Milquiades Estrada was a good flick. It's worth being said that the majority of the services of border patrol that matter is more in the vein of rescuing wouldbe immigrants from environmental conditions and predatory elements (this view may be anecdotal bias) just like Planned Parenthood is more about prevention of pregnancy than the infamous abortion agenda, really. 5% of PP services are abortion. Mexico's number two source of income is renumeration from the states. I think it would be great deal better if we had a lot more personalised NAFTA and a lot less dehumanisation.

Yes, in southern California speak, you say it, "whatever."

*needless to say, "f------ stands for "Friday's"


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